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From Matt Sergeant <>
Subject Re: XSP "official" position
Date Sat, 22 Nov 2003 15:57:44 GMT
On 22 Nov 2003, at 1:56, Joerg Heinicke wrote:

>> This level of change to XSP should be discussed on 
>>, fwiw. I personally would be against this kind 
>> of logic control in XSP. Especially since it's perfectly possible to 
>> add this in as a tag library.
> I thought this list was dead and removed? Is there any archive 
> available about recent discussions? But I understand your concern as 
> Cocoon is not the only XSP implementing project.

I think the list is still alive.

> But I don't understand your concern related to this logic control.

What I mean is that I'm worried about turning XSP into a full blown 
programming language. It is XML after all - it's the worst possible 
syntax for programming in.

>>> Yes, afterwards it's very similar to XSLT or other template 
>>> languages as JXTemplate.
>>> The power of XSP is not XSP itself, but the further abstraction 
>>> levels as esql as Leszek pointed out. This would make an XML only 
>>> XSP to a really powerful template language in contrary to a 
>>> programming language with nasty syntax at the moment.
>> This isn't XSP's fault that it gets (ab)used this way. It's perfectly 
>> possible *today* to write XSPs that have no programming code in them.
> Might be, but the easier the abuse is, the more it will be abused.

I'm not sure what's more abusive though, conditions in XML with 
multiple namespaces or mixing a bit of Java or Perl in to do conditions 
(and/or loops). I'm not sold either way, fwiw. I'm just not too keen on 
being forced to use XML as a programming language (you are talking 
about forcing XSPs to be all XML, right?)

>> If Cocoon makes that hard I would consider it a bug (or at minimum a 
>> required feature for making XSP a reasonable framework to work with). 
>> Certainly it's very easy in AxKit - you just create a class and tell 
>> AxKit what methods are tags (sort of like SiLLy, but easier).
> Do you have an example? The XP guide is really short.

Sure. Here's a taglib for getting a cookie:

package ExampleCookieTaglib; use base 

@EXPORT_TAGLIB = ('get_cookie($name)');
$NS = '';

sub get_cookie {
	my $name = shift;
	return Apache::Cookie->fetch->{$name}->value;


(Note this is re-usable outside of XSP pages, which is a very useful 
feature for unit testing!)

Now that's callable via:

<cookie:get-cookie name="foo" 



or a multitude of other ways (also note that AxKit handled the 
translation of get_cookie to get-cookie transparently).

You can output tags of any shape or form using TaglibHelper. This 
example just output some character data.

Hope that helps.


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