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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject [woody] using on-activate handlers
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 13:42:37 GMT
Hi All

I am having problems using on-activate handlers.

I have them attached to several buttons, but they do not really help.

I have one attached to a <wd:row-action id="delete" 
action-command="delete"/>, but it appears to get called after the 
delete, so I do not appear to be able to find out which row was 
deleted, so I cannot remove that object from the persistence layer. 
(the returned index is '-1').

I have one attached to a <wd:row-action id="down" 
action-command="move-down"/> and a <wd:row-action id="up" 
action-command="move-up"> button, but my handler gets called AFTER 
woody has moved them, complicating the issue of replicating the move in 
the BizData (the binding does not replicate the row order, so moves 
have no effect on BizData, if it is a Bean.)

ie. calling event.getSourceWidget ().getParent ().getId () gives you 
the index of the row AFTER the move has already taken place.

Furthermore, because the Up button incorrectly shows on the top row, 
and the down button incorrectly shows on the bottom row, if the User 
clicks them, the row cannot be moved, so you get the 'correct' index of 
those rows.  =:-0

IMHO, this is making things a lot more difficult than they really need 
to be .....

Would it break Woody terribly if on-activate handlers could be called 
BEFORE the row-action's action-command?

Thanks for any suggestions.

regards Jeremy

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