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From "Unico Hommes" <>
Subject RE: MountTableMatcher
Date Thu, 20 Nov 2003 09:22:13 GMT

Giacomo Pati wrote
> Unico Hommes wrote:
> > Nice article!
> > 
> > We do basically the same thing. Note that with 
> MountTableMatcher you 
> > no longer need to patch the cocoon root sitemap.
> Why people often say so? There is no need to patch the root sitemap 
> anyway as it is simply trying to mount whatever comes in as 
> request URL 
> on to the filesystem. Just deploy you app as a subdirectory of the 
> webadd directory of Cocoon. Sure, if you need to have your 
> start URL to 
> be the root just copy a different welcome.xml/welcome.xslt over.

When developing a site - sitemap, stylesheets, templates, etc. - I find
that having to copy these each time just in order to test them is a
PITA. If you decide to develop inside the webapp directory to later copy
them back into the projects source tree, well this has major drawback
IMO. You run the risk of losing work when you do a build clean, and
there's the extra step of copying the sources back into your project's
source tree.

> > It is too bad that Ant does not itself support a pluggable 
> > architecture. Now you end up replicating such a build 
> environment in 
> > every new project.
> Use another one instead (Maven, Centipede) that has 'plugins'.
> > If something changes in cocoon that impacts the build 
> system you need 
> > to update all those separate instances. I started on a Maven plugin 
> > for cocoon some time ago exactly for this reason. But unfortunately 
> > haven't been able to work on it lately. Maybe something for CTP if 
> > that would prove to take off.
> We already have such Maven plugins and if CTP will start we sure will 
> contribute.



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