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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject Re: GT 2003 talks: audio only example, please test
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 12:27:37 GMT

On 11 Nov 2003, at 12:25, Antonio Gallardo wrote:

> Jeremy Quinn dijo:
>> I was trying to do lo-res audio re-samples to use them for my SMIL
>> Presentation attempt instead of the video which does not seem to play
>> for anyone.
> Hi Jeremy:
> Why you said that????
> I played the videos on Red Hat 9 and Fedora 1 without problems. I used
> Xine. BTW, the videos are very fine. It helps us to taste even better 
> what
> happened in GT2003. We also did a private presentation of the videos at
> the office. I also give copies of them to all my co-workers.

I understood that the videos work fine if you download them before 
playing, but AFAIU no-one was able to get them to play properly when 
they were included as part of a SMIL Presentation.

regards Jeremy

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