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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Doco needs landing (Was: cvs commit: cocoon-2.1 features.xml)
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2003 16:02:15 GMT

On 28 Nov 2003, at 03:46, David Crossley wrote:

> Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>>  Reinhard Poetz wrote:
>>> ok, is there a way for others to help you or in other words:
>>> do you need some help?
>> No, I move faster if I do stuff myself. There is no much code to 
>> write,
>> just a lot of glue and finding out the pieces of the puzzle and 
>> working
>> with somebody else is going to slow this down in prototypical phase.
>> After the prototype is ready, there will be *tons* of polishing to do,
>> but I want to create the itches first, so that all of us can scratch
>> later.
> Mmmm, i am not sure that i like this approach. "Doco" sounds
> to me like one of the reasons that "Forrest" was started.

that's right, but forrest took a different path and now focuses on 
static generation of web sites, full blown content management is not at 
reach there anymore.

> What is worrying is that this one-person thing (though i trust
> Stefano to know what to do) will have no community to land in
> and Apache will spawn yet another new project.

> I don't mean to be cynical or anything, but Linotype and Portal
> landed in Cocoon as more-or-less functional things and not much
> has happened since.

wait a full second, David. I can't talk for Portal-oriented stuff since 
I don't use it, but for linotype, it was ported to be IE5/mozilla 
cross-platform, I received a few patches and Joerg is patching it to 
fix jetty problems and there were discussions about integration with 
cocoon forms and Lenya.

might not be "much", but it's something promising.

> I know that there is a trade-off between too much talk and not
> enough doing. However, without any discussion there is a risk
> that something fundamental will be missed.

I already did a full blown discussion on Doco. Everybody expressed a 
warm +1 as several projects are involved: cocoon, forrest, lenya, james 
and slide. Nobody complained about duplication of effort, rather the 
opposite: everybody was happy to be used exactly for what it was 
designed to do.

What to know what I'm doing right now? I'm debugging mount_webdav in 
Darwin because there is a bug in their handling of webdav locks and I 
can't mount a slide repository under mach-o. Yes, C code and recompile 
part of my OS kernel, that's how bleeding-edge I'm getting.

If you think there is something wrong in the proposal, resurrect it and 
complain. I'm all ears.

I told you I'm sick of politics and want to do stuff. I'm doing it. It 
will be simply a proposal: it's easier to work alone that to make 5 
different projects coordinating. If you disagree, you are more than 
welcome to continue it the "community way". We'll see who comes out 
with something that works faster.

After my proposal lands, you are welcome to tear it apart entirely. The 
design is public, as the discussions that lead to it. If you have 
technical suggestions, let's hear them. If you have community building 
suggestions, well, I'll be happy to listen to them after the damn thing 
will be saying "hello world".

In the meanwhile, as I said, don't wait for me.


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