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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject GT 2003 talks: audio only example, please test
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 10:46:29 GMT
A while ago there were requests to provide the GT2003 presentations as 
low-bandwidth audio only.

I have made a small example with the first minute of Steven's talk, 
could people test it on various platforms before I do the whole thing? 
Please report here indicating platform.

MP3 example file can be found at

I've tested it on macosx with ITunes, plays ok, title and copyright are 
shown in the info fields.

Audio quality is, well, lame. I used the phone preset to make these 
files as small as possible (should be about 6MB for a 40-minute talk). 
People with enough bandwidth can get the videos anyway.

Here's how I did it. Never used lame before, suggestions are welcome:

-open movie in QuickTime Pro
-File menu, export, "export audio to WAVE"
-Shorten wave file for this test, using audio editor (Spark ME)
-Use lame to convert to mp3:

   lame --preset phone \
   --add-id3v2 \
   --tt "Cocoon GetTogether 2003, Steven Noels, introduction" \
   --ta "Copyright (C) 2003 Apache Software Foundation" \
   00-introduction.wav \

(Tried -tc for copyright but it didn't show in ITunes).


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