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From Gianugo Rabellino <>
Subject Re: [RT] Converging the repository concept in cocoon
Date Sun, 30 Nov 2003 21:10:01 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> I think a much better approach would be to come up with a
> interface and a few implementations that I can choose when I install 
> cocoon. This implementation would also implement and provide 
> its functionality thru a URL protocol.
> This allows:
>  - clear separation of concerns: cocoon should *NOT* be doing repository 
> stuff, which is already big and complex enough
>  - complete IoC: you choose the implementation and the implementation 
> decides what to do and how to do it. Your contract remains the same 
> (thru the source-provided URL protocol and thru the component interface)
>  - transparent polymorphism: you can have different implementations of a 
> repository... file system, webdav, CVS, JCR, ... without having to 
> change any code in your application
> Thoughts?

A couple:

1. How do you plan to deal with a Source (which becomes a URL in the 
end) with complex stuff such as versioning or, even worse, searching? 
I'm afraid we'll come up with a very ugly URL design, I can't really 
think of a way to express searches in a URL, where a search has at least 
four parameters (what, scope, conditions, ordering) without resorting to 
URL parameters wich are IMO very bad;

2. Though I'd just _love_ to see it happen, I'm afraid that it will be 
practically impossible to have different, pluggable, implementations. I 
cannot think, apart from JCR and WebDAV, of a repository implemented on 
top of other stuff without hacks or heavy implementation (metadata, 
searching and versioning are all hard stuff to do).

Note: I'm definitely +1 on having one standardized approach to the 
repository issue. I'm just not that sure that we can really make it with 
what we have today without mimicking the JCR API, which could be suboptimal.


Gianugo Rabellino
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