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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: Bug in JXTemplate??
Date Sat, 29 Nov 2003 14:29:56 GMT
On 29.11.2003 14:59, Mariusz Sieraczkiewicz wrote:

> Hi Joerg,
>> BTW ".[4]" is an invalid XPath, should be "self::*[4]". But this one 
>> can not refer to any node as "self::*" (and also ".") always refer to 
>> exactly one node.

Thanks for adding your description to Bugzilla.

> I'm afraid I don't understand your explaination. I can't see difference
> between ".[4]" and "self::*". ".[4]" works in JXTemplateGenerator.
> I'm not a XPath GURU so that I'd willingly hear an answer.

What shall I tell you more than it's simply not allowed ;-) I know it 
works with JXPath, but it should be reported as bug there. Try it with a 
conform XSLT processor like Xalan or Saxon.

 From the spec (

'.' is an abbreviated step:

'[4]' is a predicate:

Predicates must not be used in combination with abbreviated steps. 
Predicates are only allowed after filter expressions 
( or node tests 
( Both can not be led to 
abbreviated steps.

Does ".[4]" return anything? Even it's working with JXPath it should 
really *never* return anything, otherwise they have maybe another 
understanding of '.'.


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