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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [WIKI-UPDATE] FirstFridayDecember2003 Thu Nov 27 09:00:02 2003
Date Fri, 28 Nov 2003 14:27:59 GMT
Jeremy Quinn wrote:

>>> Sorry to ask the obvious, but did you start the XIndice server?
>> It's absolutely ok to ask as I didn't do anything from hand. I only  
>> deployed the xindice.jar to WEB-INF/lib. I read something about  
>> embedded XIndice ...
> Embedded XIndice is new to me, it is new with XIndice 1.1?

Yes, seems so.
Comment from xmldb.xconf: <!-- Xindice 1.1 Embedded driver -->

>> When starting Cocoon I get a new line at the command line output that  
>> I can at least not remember when not deploying xindice.jar:
>> Opening database: D:\cocoon-2.1\build\webapp\WEB-INF\db\cocoondb
> I believe this is HSQLDB starting up.

Indeed. XIndice outputs massively on command line:

28.11.2003 14:30:03 org.apache.xindice.client.xmldb.embed.DatabaseImpl <init>
INFO: No configuration file specified, going with the default configuration
28.11.2003 14:30:03 org.apache.xindice.client.xmldb.embed.DatabaseImpl <init>
INFO: Database name: 'db'
28.11.2003 14:30:03 org.apache.xindice.core.Database setConfig
INFO: Database points to /home/jheinicke/cocoon-2.1/./db

> With Xindice 1.0, you would need to start XIndice by hand and populate  
> it with some collections before you started to query it.

How can useful samples look like if you have to fill the database first?

Vadim, can you also re-read Maybe something 
that should also be moved to official documentation.


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