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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject Re: [WIKI-UPDATE] FirstFridayDecember2003 Thu Nov 27 09:00:02 2003
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 23:41:49 GMT
Joerg Heinicke wrote:

>> Page: 
>> , version: 7 on Thu Nov 27 07:57:35 2003 by Vadim
>> + ** It's working if you follow steps:
>> (1) drop xindice CVS version into blocks/xmldb/lib;
> Only CVS?

Dunno, that's what I tried it with. Beta releases should work too.

> And I guess lib/optional is better as otherwise you have to change 
> jars.xml for rebuilding Cocoon without BUILD FAILED.

Sure. I was planning on adding it when (if) I finish working on new 
(modifiable) source.

>> (2) add xindice-embed driver as <driver 
>> class="org.apache.xindice.client.xmldb.embed.DatabaseImpl" 
>> type="xindice-embed"/> to the cocoon.xconf;
>> (3) move xmldb demo pipeline up, before automount;
> Why isn't this done by default? I can change it if nothing objects.

xmldb samples were lost during blocks creation. You are welcome to fix 
them (create subsitemap, etc, etc, as for all other samples). I'd do it 
too but I don't have much time atm.

>> (4) restart and go to http://localhost:8888/samples/xmldb/
> Have you tried it recently? Especially as one mentioned that it works 
> with
> 2.1.2 and no longer with current 2.1.4-dev [1]. Has something changed 
> that
> we should document anywhere?

I tried it yesterday, 1:30 AM EST :)

I tried it only with xindice-embed driver as I was too lazy to configure 
xmlrpc server. My pipeline fragment looks like this:

    <map:match pattern="xmldb/**">
      <map:match pattern="xpath" type="request-parameter">
        <map:generate src="xmldb:xindice-embed:///db/{../1}#{1}"/>
        <map:serialize type="xml"/>

      <map:generate src="xmldb:xindice-embed:///db/{1}"/>
      <map:serialize type="xml"/>


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