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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Are nested flowscripts possible?
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 22:53:42 GMT

Steinar Jonsson wrote:

> A flowscript does a sendPageAndWait( request ), and the 
> request happens to start a second flowscript. 
> When that second flowscript has completed its work, 
> how does it get back to where the first one left off? 
> I can't see how to get hold of that continuation id. 
> Am I just being blind, or is this a bad idea altogether?

yep, it's not how you use this stuff

what I think you try to do is this:

uri-1 --> calls function1
function1() {
  // do-stuff

on the produced page there is NOT a link with the continuation, but 
rather a link to some uri-2 -->  calls function2

function2() {
   //do other stuff.


this creates completely separate trees of continuations (meaning they 
are not nested at all)

rather one would go for this:

uri-1 --> calls function1
function1() {
   // do stuff

   function2(); //nested call to function 2

   // when function2 is finished, we continue here
   // do more...

function2() {
   // do whatever with the return


and make sure that the return page _is_ just producing the link back to 
the generated continuation.

you can still have some uri-2 that starts off with function2 immediately 
(not nested inside function1 I mean)

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