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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Thank you
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 22:49:52 GMT
This morning we demoed the beta version of the application we've been 
developing during the last couple of months to the customer, and 
everything went very well.

Our application has 16 forms for a total of more than 600 fields and all 
of them are brilliantly handled by Woody. The logic is entirely driven 
by Flowscript and persistence needs are handled by Hibernate. JX 
templates are used for views.

One form, with 160 fields arranged in a series of tabbed pages, was 
particularly interesting, since we decided that it was better to 
represent the underlying model as an XML document, instead of creating 
an SQL table with 160 columns. Using Hibernate, we retrieve an object 
containing an XML document (stored in a CLOB), set it as the form's 
model, than we store it back in the db and show the modified document in 
a view, all using the following code (slightly simplified):

function update(form) {
   var session = Persistence.getSession();
   var visit = session.load
     (Visit, new java.lang.Long(;
   cocoon.sendPage("views/read", {
     "visit" : visit,

Try to do that in PHP!

Doing all of this with such elegance and simplicity and with such 
nice-looking results wouldn't have been possible just a year ago, or it 
would have taken five times as much time to develop. The Flowscript, 
Woody and the JXTemplateGenerator made us much more productive than we 
would have been without them. Cocoon is finally reaching maturity as a 
great Web applications development framework.

So it is with great pleasure that I want to say a big *THANK YOU* to all 
the people involved in the development of Cocoon, for building such a 
great platform. I love you.



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