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From Michael Wolf <>
Subject using actions in flow
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 12:33:05 GMT
after I searched the net for three days, asked a developer and posted in 
the cocoon-user mailing list all I found for my problem is the same 
unanswered question.

So I decided to post in this mailing list, because this seems to be a 
problem no one besides the developers is able to solve.

I want to use a modular Database Action in my flowscript.

I tried this approach:

myAction = cocoon.getComponent(???);
result = myAction.act("mod-db-sel","",{"table-set" : "login_check"});

The cocoon.getComponent method expects a component id, but how do I get 
this id?

I tried

myAction = 

but that didn't work.

For completeness here is the action description in the 
sitemap/components/actions section:

<map:action name="mod-db-sel" 

So please tell me how this action is called from the flowscript.
Thanks for your help,


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