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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: persisting re-arranged repeater-rows
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:53:25 GMT


>> hm, as for the remark on the 'XML only' support I guess this has to 
>> do  with the missing object-factory for the on-insert-row event?
>> (IIRC Sylvain made some generic XML oriented factory which helas can  
>> not be used for Java object backends)
>> This sounds like simple-repeater should get some more features from  
>> his more complex brother, no?
> Or make the (complex)Repeater List savvy ......

hm, not sure,

first off: it's rather ordered-collection-savvy (ie should work with 
arrays as well, and not to forget the NodeLists from XML files)

but what other strategy could we want to use in that case then just 
throw away all items and copy the sequence from the repeater (ie what 
the SimpleRepeaterBinding is doing?)

>> suggestion:
>> introduce on-bind wrapping of the children, so we can introduce a
>> on-create-row that behaves just like the on-insert-row and allows to  
>> specify the classname of a jxpath-factory?
>> wdyt?

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