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From Upayavira>
Subject Re: [Flow+Auth-fw+woody] cocoon.redirectTo() not working after
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 13:44:04 GMT

I cannot give you a full answer, just tell you the status of the flow 
code within the authentication framework.

Carsten created an empty js file, which I completed. I have not since 
used the auth-fw in flow, and, as far as I know, you are the first to try.

I know that I got it working within a sample, but that is as far as I went.

Now that I am getting on to developing my application for which I 
originally started that auth-fw work, I have started to wonder about the 
need for the auth-fw within a woody/flow solution.

It seems to me that the auth-fw is a decent implementation that is very 
much built around a pipelined system, whereas flow gives us a 
programmatic metaphor too.

I am therefore planning to create my own simple authentication framework 
in Java that stores its info in simple XML files. I cannot see that this 
is any harder than building the pipelines that I would have to write, 
especially when it comes to creating and registering new users.

Sorry if this doesn't give you a direct answer to your problem, but 
hopefully it gives you some background to the auth-fw with flow.

Regards, Upayavira

Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>I am 3 days on this problem. I posted on the user list but no one answer
>my mail. :(
>I am trying to use the authentication-fw without any action, just flow and
>woody. I already turned on every posible log avaliable in logkit. I even
>inserted some log lines inside the auth.js. The problem I have is:
>After succesful authenticated user, the function success may redirect to
>the welcome page. But it does not doing it. Interesting enough is that I
>can see in the core.log the sucessful authentication:
>DEBUG   (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:254   [core.authentication-manager]
>http8080-Processor4/PipelineAuthenticator: END
>isValidAuthenticationFragment valid=true
>INFO    (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:255   [core.authentication-manager]
>http8080-Processor4/PipelineAuthenticator: Authenticator: User
>authenticated using handler 'authhandler'
>DEBUG   (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:260   [core.authentication-manager]
>http8080-Processor4/PipelineAuthenticator: end authenticator
>And you see there is not a redirectTo() command. It is simply "losed"
>somewhere. In the flow.log I cleare can see:
>INFO    (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:307   [flow]
>http8080-Processor4/FOM_Cocoon$FOM_Log: success: internal - undefined
>INFO    (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:307   [flow]
>http8080-Processor4/FOM_Cocoon$FOM_Log: success: redirect -
>So the redirect must go to the /ait/bienvenidos page, but there is no
>another redirection. Even in the sitemap.log I got:
>INFO    (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:308   [sitemap]
>http8080-Processor4/ForwardRedirector: Redirecting to '/ait/bienvenidos'
>But then no other log.
>The same happen if the authentication fail.
>I guess there is a problem in the treeprocessor. How many times we can
>redirect inside a processing request without having any problem? Please
>note the authentication-fw trig in the middle of the flow his own internal
>Can someone tell me if it can work at all? Someone already tried to do it?
>Please help.
>Best Regards,
>Antonio Gallardo

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