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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject [OT]: language chavinism (was: [Woody] - <wd:hotkey> status?)
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 14:20:27 GMT
Sylvain Wallez wrote:

>>> 2/ command-shortcuts: key-strokes that replace the need for diving 
>>> through a menu and function as some kind of macro-triggers
>>> see, if I use MS Word in the dutch version then saving a file through 
>>> the access-keys of the menu become ALT-B-B (bestand -> bewaren) while 
>>> the nglish version has ALT-F-S (files -> save)
>>> in both versions the shortcut CTRL-S does the same.
>>> (just like the CTRL-X,C,V are never 'localized')
>> In spanish version you can also use Ctrl+G (Guardar), that is diferent 
>> from Ctrl+S.
> Well, you see Marc, chauvinism is not a french only virtue/fault (choose 
> your preferred).
> ;-D
> Sylvain

I personally like the idea of language chauvinism as you called it. I read 
the French are really strict with the usage of English words: they translate 
everything, even Personal Computer. Might be extreme, but I like it much 
more than the so called "Denglisch" (Deutsch + Englisch = German + English) 
word mix in German linguistic usage.

Articles (in German):

The worst are the "Denglisch" words not known in English, when German 
marketers wants to sound more English than the English men themself. The 
most extreme sample: Handy. I guess not many people without knowledge of the 
German language can imagine what it should mean. It's the Denglisch word for 
Mobile Phone though we also know the word Mobiltelefon.

So enough ranted. Preserve your chauvinism ;-)


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