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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject Re: [Woody] - <wd:hotkey> status?
Date Fri, 21 Nov 2003 13:31:00 GMT
Marc Portier wrote:

> please understand that if I'm suggesting wi:label en wi:acceskey (and 
> same for Sylvain I persume) we are not suggesting to put this 
> information in another place then the current definition file
> this is just pass-through information that is common for all instances, 
> and therefore the suggestion could be to change from wd:label to 
> wi:label in the definition file (and the i18n case with embedded 
> wi:accesskey offers some argumentation if you ask me)
> it is the same as having a wi:styling and a wi:group elements inside the 
> template-file
> hm, maybe the confusion comes from which value we attach to the action 
> of XML-namespacing.
> in my head xml namespaces are mapping to devided semantic domains, 
> saying something like 'this element has meaning inside this context'
> so what I am trying to say is that namespaces are not meant IMHO to map 
> onto the created SoC (they often do, but doesn't seem to be a 
> requirement AFAICS).
> As such I think that a distinct responsibility/role in the system could 
> include making statements or reacting on statements that are built up of 
> concepts from different semantic domains
> or in other words: if the form-designer-role is speaking about 
> design-elements that are shared between all instances, then he probably 
> should do that rather in the wi namespace?
> IMHO, allowing to mix namespaces in one XML file is the whole reasoning 
> behind having them in the first place?
> just my 2c.
> (hoping it lowered confusion rather then adding to it)
> -marc=

No, Marc, I completely agree with you :-)


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