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From Daniel Fagerstrom <>
Subject Re: Web Service Transformers in Cocoon (Re: [article] EAI using Apache Cocoon 2.1)
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 10:48:50 GMT
Joe Latty wrote:

>We are using the Web Service Transformer, discussed in the article,
>here (where it was originally written) in a production environment. So far
>we have had no problems with it.
>I can post the latest version of the WSIncludeTransformer if anyone is
Please do! As soon as I find time for it I will make an effort to 
combine the best festures from the various implementations.

>However, having said that, we have found problems with doing SOAP/HTTP Calls
>during pipeline processing. When something goes wrong it is difficult to
>recover gracefully. 
Agree, in the past I tried in vain to convince the community that there 
is a need for selection based on sitemap content and state 

Now you can achieve something similar witing three pipelines. One that 
construct the input to the soap transformer and uses the soap 
transformer, one for handling the output if everything wents well and 
one for error handling then you call the first one from a flowscript 
with processPipelineTo, and streams the output of it into a dom tree. 
Then you can analyze the reusult in it and make a senPage to one of the 
result handling pipelines. I must admit that I am not jumping up and 
down, shouting out my joy, when I think of the elegance of this solution 
;). But it does it work, and after a while I even might start to think 
of it as an idiom or design pattern ;) Or I find the energy for fighting 
for what is good and right again ;)

>And most of our SOAP/HTTP calls are being now done using
>the Flow controller and Woody.
>SOAP/HTTP calls return XML which then populates forms/beans using woody
>var xml =, uri,
>soapMethod, params, timeout);
I could not find the o.a.c.util.SOAPController in the Cocoon repository, 
is it something you have developed? And if that is the case it would be 
nice if you could commit that component as well.


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