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From David Kavanagh <>
Subject Re: [OT] - About MS published schemas
Date Wed, 19 Nov 2003 04:16:03 GMT
Alas, windows-only tools (office, vpn clients) are the only things 
keeping me from running Linux on my laptop.. :-/
If it werent' for those paying customers... :-)


Antonio Gallardo wrote:

>David Kavanagh dijo:
>>Saw this too. Seems like once some standard transforms are built, they
>>should get included with cocoon. I'd like to see something go from a
>>result-set to the Excel template (due to be published in Dec '03).
>>Still, you'd have to know that the Office 2003 suite is going to be
>>installed at all of your client machines. (A bit optimistic at this
>Hehe. Nope. I am sorry, but it is not our case. :-DD We use
>since more than a year. It is currently a standard inside our company. We
>don't play the "MS Office upgrade game" anymore. I thought the last one we
>had was 2000. Even more, we currently don't use any MS product at all
>inside our company. We are:
>"Proud to be a 100% MS free company" (TM) ;-DD
>Best Regards,
>Antonio Gallardo

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