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From Steve K <>
Subject Re: XSP "official" position
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 18:18:24 GMT
I've never liked the idea of putting controller logic in XSP pages, 
however, new users of Cocoon that come from server-page backgrounds will 
probably want to do this because that is what they're used to.  I think 
this is a really bad thing because if you approach things this way, you 
really miss what Cocoon is all about.

I don't think I'd go as far as saying XSP is deprecated, but it may be 
useful to reposition it (possibly rename it?) as an easy way to create 
custom generators.  I think that would cause people to think of using it 
more for view-related tasks.

And while it is true that a template system like JXTemplate can do a lot 
of what XSP does when dealing with the view, there remains a lot of 
utility when using xsp and existing logicsheets.  On my current project, 
I've found that I had better control of my XML output when using xsp + 
esql logicsheet over the SQLTransformer (however, nothing I don't 
believe couldn't be righted with another transform).  Also, sending 
email whose content is generated by a pipeline seems much easier to do 
with xsp + sendmail logicsheet than in an action or flow.


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