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From Andreas Hochsteger <>
Subject Re: M$ publishes Word Document ML / Hello World Sample attached
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 06:08:06 GMT

Pleas don't panic!

If you read my mail carefully all I did was letting you all know, that 
there are XML Schemas available and also noted, that I don't know if 
that is relevant for us (meaning: I don't know, if we really have to 
cope with the XML schema at all).

What I meant with "adding to CVS if someone wants to" was just the 
sample (not the XML schema - that would be nonesense), although I had 
not the opinion that this is such a great example that it has to be in CVS.

Sorry, if I potentially did some harm to the community, but all I wanted 
to do is to see, how easy it is to make a new hello-world example for 
this document format. I'm not interested any further in it nor did I 
plan to inject some patent issues which might kill Cocoon (but I still 
fail to see how such a hello-world example would allow to do this).

So if it's all that dramatic, please forget about the example (and we 
have to think about removing the poi examples as well, since they 
produce much more proprietary file formats ;-).


Antonio Gallardo wrote:
> Tony Collen dijo:
>>Andreas Hochsteger wrote:
>>>Hi All!
>>>I just read on slashdot, that M$ published the XML Schema for their new
>>>Office 2003 Suite (mostly Word related) including documentation:
>>>According to
>>> they are
>>>even redistributable without fee, but I don't know, if that's relevant
>>>for us.
> Did you read this in License?
> No right to create modifications or derivatives of this Specification is
> granted herein.
> There is a separate patent license available to parties interested in
> implementing software programs that can read and write files that conform
> to the Specification. This patent license is available at this location:
> I am not telling it is bad. I am not lawyer and we need to read this stuff
> too. Please read it carefully before doing anything. If there something
> you don't understand or you disaprove, please let us know.
> While reading please keep in mind ANY potential damage to our beloved
> Cocoon. The last we want is to lose this nice project.
> Best Regards,
> Antonio Gallardo

Andreas Hochsteger

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