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From Upayavira <>
Subject Re: MountTableMatcher
Date Mon, 17 Nov 2003 11:51:45 GMT
Geoff Howard wrote:

>>> No, XPatch doesn't handle properties expansion now.  I looked 
>>> briefly at how to add support for this and didn't get it worked 
>>> out.  I don't know Ant internals much at all - maybe someone more 
>>> familiar would know better.
>> I've just asked on ant-dev, and was told:
>> String value)
> Ok, I tried the other option which looked cleaner - they have a 
> subclass of Reader which replaces properties on the way in.  I tried 
> it again the other night and found that it throws an NPE when the task 
> runs.  Unfortunately for some reason the line number of the NPE isn't 
> preserved in the stack trace. 

'The other solution?'

>> So, from looking at the xpatch task, we would have to use this 
>> replaceProperties method on each attribute and text value of each 
>> node in the patch file.
> Hmm, I'll look at that solution.  I was thinking of slurping the whole 
> patch file into a string, running replaceProperties on it, and 
> creating an InputStream from the string to pass to builder.parse().   

That's what Jan Materne on ant-dev suggested too. He's also just 
recommended, which might help.

>> We could add a 'replace-properties' top level element, which says 
>> whether this should be done.
>>> I haven't followed the specific context here but would love to see 
>>> it added too.
>> I'm a bit busy here, any chance you could look into it, Geoff?
>> It would be really cool, it would mean that you can mount your site 
>> without having to touch the root sitemap at all.
> I can't look into it more now but can pick it up in the next few days.

Great. Lets play a 'who gets there first' game.

Regards, Upayavira

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