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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: [vote] forbidding flowscripts with no sendpage redirects (was Re: Saving pipeline output to a temp file...)
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2003 10:15:52 GMT
Reinhard Poetz wrote:
> I don't like it that we blur the Flowscript concept to achieve things
> that can already be done today nearly in the same way some of you
> propose. In the long run I fear that nobody knows what the Cocoon
> Control flow is about and everybody talks about different things. I
> think this harms Cocoon more than it helps. So please come up with
> usecases which make it really necessary to go this way!

Amen brother ;-).

> ... but maybe I'm the only one with these thoughts ...

We are at least two.


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