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From Ugo Cei <>
Subject Re: [vote] forbidding flowscripts with no sendpage redirects (was Re: Saving pipeline output to a temp file...)
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 22:28:02 GMT
Tim Olson wrote:
>>  <map:match pattern="view">
>>    <map:generate src="cocoon://generate"/>
>>    <map:transform src="homePage.xsl"/>
>>    <map:serialize/>
>>  </map:match>
> i thought the original intention was to make the flow clearer?  now we have
> three blocks of code to follow instead of one...

Well, almost, you can reuse your "view" pipeline:

   <map:match pattern="views/*">
     <map:generate src="views/{1}.xml"/>
     <map:transform src="page.xsl"/>

The same can be done for the "call" pipeline.

> is cleaner but we have many pages which need no backend data, only "simple"
> xsl of our standard xml stream, so we would now have to write empty
> javascript "flow controllers" for these pages.

In that case, don't call a flowscript. Just invoke directly a classic 
generator-transformer-serializer pipeline.


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