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From "Andrzej Jan Taramina" <>
Subject Re: Saving pipeline output to a temp file...everything you wanted to know but were afraid to ask!
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 17:24:48 GMT
> Sorry Andrzej, but the community has decided with a vote.

So it goes.  I'll write an action to replace the flowscript....and that will 
be that.  No big deal.

I do vote +1 on the idea of a flowscript you can inject 
javascript logic easily into a Cocoon implementation, without the artificial 
limitation of having to send a page that flowscript will soon impose.

> One of the values of the Cocoon project is to try to be philosophically 
> right. And this is by fixing this kind of issues sooner than later that 
> Cocoon tries to keep a clean architecture. Sure, the docs aren't what 
> they should be to clearly document what we consider "clean". But 
> enforcing it in the code somehow circumvents the lack of docs. Sorry if 
> you have to cope with the consequences of this attitude this time.

I have no problem with that, having seen way too many poor architectures in 
my 30 years in the software business.  But, let me also say that imposing 
this restriction prior to providing the flowscript action leaves a bad taste. 
Shutting a door without providing a suggested/promised alternative sucks. It 
may be "philosophically pure" but it's still reprehensible.  Sounds like 
something that Microsoft would do.  ;-)

> The flowscript action is not in place, but you may find a convenient 
> replacement with the ScriptAction (bsf block) that relies on BSF and as 
> such accepts JavaScript code also. There's no "cocoon" object, but all 
> usefull objects you normally access through "cocoon" are directly 
> visible, such as "request", "manager", "logger", "resolver", etc.

Naw....too much complexity to solve a simple need.  I'll stick to the custom 

> And ever simpler solution (how did I miss this?) that came to me when
> going to bed (it's 11:45 pm here). Just split your request in two phases: the
> first one will call the flowscript in which you just add a sendPage() to the
> second part. This even allows you to pass the VB execution result or other
> flow values to the view.

Great...let's take a nice, clean monolithic piece of application logic and 
split it up into multiple places.  I've had to do that just a bit too much 
with Cocoon for my tastes. 

What was that comment about "clean architecture" you just made?  That applies 
to application design too. ;-)

> As you can see, Cocoon enforces clean architectures but doesn't neglect
> its users. I hope the gazillion users of your multi-million project will
> be thankfull for the free (as in both "free beer" and "free speech")
> private time I dedicated to them.

And I hope that the Cocoon project appreciates the enhancements, bug fixes 
and feedback that I have been providing as well.  ;-)

> Really going to bed now...  

Yup...maybe it will recharge your sense of humour? ;-)

Andrzej Jan Taramina
Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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