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From Vadim Gritsenko <>
Subject WoodyTransformer: radio buttons
Date Tue, 11 Nov 2003 14:15:45 GMT
Hey guys,

Has anybody have any suggestions on how to make @required=true, 
<wi:styling list-type="radio"/>, widget make less ugly? Currently it 
looks like:
   (   ) Label for the first radio button
   ( o ) Second
   (   ) Third *
Where * indicates that the widget is required, but is higly misleading 
because it is attached to the third radio button.

I came up with several workarounds:
1) Change how woody transformer transformrms wt:widget-labels.
Currently, validation error messages and @required attribute are present 
only on wi:field (and similar elements). And wt:widget-label disappears 
completely, replaced by the content of the label. Instead, it can 
replace wt:widget-label with wi:widget-label, which has validation 
messages and required attribute. This way, you have more flexibility in 
styling the form, including placing of error messages.

2) Do not use woody-field-styling.xsl at all; roll your own... wi:field 
has all the necessary data.

3) Make woody-field-styling.xsl more flexible: divide field styling into 
several steps (using mode="" attribute on templates)

4) Ask list for other suggestions :)

BTW, is anybody against replacing <xsl:template 
name="woody-field-common"/> with <xsl:template match="wi:*" 
mode="common"> ? It's not possible to override in the including 
stylesheet named templates, but you can override match="" templates.


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