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From Joerg Heinicke <>
Subject auto generation of
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 23:20:52 GMT
Hello guys,

last week there was again a thread about binary dists or at least about 
simplifying the build on the users list:

The original reason were Alexander's problems with the CLI: it is/was 
not usable with the authentication-fw block. Further dependencies were 
not in the and so he became frustrated.

One solution for him where different for different use 
cases. Another solution IMO are the complete dependencies in our But maintaining both gump.xml and 
is a pain. The solution is to have one file and to generate the other 
one. I wrote a stylesheet doing this from gump.xml, find it attached 
(after problems with Xalan).

The question is how to integrate it exactly into the build. Only as a 
helper target? Only for developers before committing gump.xml? As one of 
the first steps in the build, i.e. is removed from the 
CVS and it's only generated dynamically?

Furthermore the gump.xml project/@status must be completed 
(status="stable" and stable="deprecated").

I hope you will find it useful. Any comments?


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