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From Simon Bretin <>
Subject [2.0] NonCachingStreamPipeline & GZIPOutputStream
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 13:52:04 GMT

I'm currently using a Cocoon 2.0 codebase, and am having troubles with 
the interaction between a NonCachingStreamPipeline and a GZIPSerializer 
which I use to create SVGZ content.

It seems that the NonCachingStreamPipeline only overides the 
AbstractStreamPipeline in order to setup the output stream of the  
serializer in its setupPipeline() method. However the setup of the 
Serializer's outputstream is already being done in the process() method. 
Thus the outputstream is setup two times for the same pipeline.
Since In my Serializer I have to create a GZIPOutputStream over the 
socket outputstream, I end up doing that two times, which for some 
"understandable" reason does not work.

So really my question is why the NonCachingStreamPipeline sets the 
outputstream of the serializer in its setupPipeline() method, and does 
not leave this task to the process() method ? Moreover isn't this 
somewhat wrong to setup the outputstream of the serializer twice ?

Thanks for your help,


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