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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: Double submit problem with Woody?
Date Thu, 06 Nov 2003 21:24:49 GMT

Jeff Ramsdale wrote:

> I was testing the Woody samples this afternoon with a co-worker (form1
> sample, I'm not sure if it was the flow or action version) and received an
> error that seemed to indicate a double submit problem. That is, I submitted
> some information, clicked the Back button (or probably skipped back a few
> pages) and resubmitted, receiving a stack error. We talked about the problem
> for a while and then I went home thinking I could reproduce it and write up
> a question about how flow manages state and whether it should prevent double
> submits. Now, wouldn't you know it, I can't reproduce the problem! I'm using
> 2.1.2.

it's always best to make sure you use the error (and full stacktrace) at 
hand to post your questions... it's hard to tell afterwards

now, taking "ockham's razor" as a judge we can only defend the 
hipothesis that there most probably was no problem ;-)

specially since Cocoon's flow is exceptionally great at handling the 
double submit case

> So, any ideas on how this could have happened? As a company we're looking at
> using Cocoon as the foundation for a rather substantial forms-heavy
> web-based application but there are concerns about flow and state-management
> as well as forms rendering and client-side validation. Any comments that
> might help relieve lingering fears?

be specific about your fears, and our advise will be worth more

as for the general blabla: you wouldn't be the first one going this 
path, nbd the combination has been used before in real world apps.

However you can easily spot that while the main vision is solid and 
guiding a growing user group, some edges have to be smoothened out still 
and thus things are moving every now and then.

so be prepared for some of that in this part of the playground...

but seriously: if you talk forms-heavy and complex state and flow 
management, then what alternative is there? ;-)

Marc Portier                  
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