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From Marc Portier <>
Subject Re: [Woody] form2 XML binding example does not set id for new rows
Date Sat, 01 Nov 2003 22:44:35 GMT

Ugo Cei wrote:

> Marc Portier wrote:
>> nope, current binding doesn't do this.
> That's clear now. From the sample, I was under the impression that the 
> binding would set the "id" attribute equal to the index of the row in 
> the repeater. My wrong.
>> you can: make the id visible so the user can provide it though
> I've tried to do this but it ends up with a document containing an empty 
> list of nodes for those bound to the repeater. I've yet to investigate 
> whether it's an error of mine or a bug.

don't fully understand what you are saying here, but if you have 
investigated more and have more detail to present the issue I'll do a 
best effort to get into it
(next week I'll have limited online time though, so be patient)

> In my case, actually, an ID is not needed at all. I just need to 
> preserve the order of the nodes. Following the sample verbatim, it would 
> just work, but the new nodes would have a spurious attribute that is not 
> needed. Can I get away without specifying an ID attibute at all?

aha, stupid me: I should of guessed something along these lines!
Good news: I was under the impression Sylvain (aka him again ;-)) added 
a SimpleRepeaterJXPathBinding for this very reason?

Hm, I didn't find any docos on it in the wiki (hint hint) but the class 
is there all-right, and the javadoc on the *Builder class describes its 
use. (see


>> making sense? or overlooking some essentials?
> We might support some key generation strategies, if we wanted, but I'm 
> not sure it's worth the effort. What we could do easily, however, is to 

some shared scepcis here about the 'worth the effort'...

looking at how O/R-mapping tools do this already it also feels like 
duplicating the effort?

> give the option of specifying an attribute of the bound object to be 
> filled with the index of the row in the collection, since it's already 
> there, somewhere.
>> hm, maybe sylvain's event-handling additions could be used to set 
>> values for these?
> We'll let Sylvain express himself ;-).
>> -marc=
>     Thanks a lot,
>         Ugo

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