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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [Woody-binding] wb:repeater unique-path
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 20:23:14 GMT
Bruno Dumon dijo:
> On Wed, 2003-11-05 at 18:51, Antonio Gallardo wrote:
>> Hi:
>> I am trying to do a "" from an empty displayed form.I
>> have 2 days with this sample and still not working. :-(
>> My problem is that inside the "repeater" there is only 1 value
>> (res_id) of datatype integer.
>> Binding just save the first 2 values and an empty repeater.
> Is the res_id field a field that the user can edit?

Yep. The subform has 2 fields:

res_id - The Foreign Key for a resouces of the application
rol_id - Foreign key to master in a master-detail relation.

So, we intend to allow the user to choose the resouces. That is the idea.

Also: The primary key are the 2 fields.

> The current repeater-binding assumes that new rows are those with
> an empty id field (res_id your case). Thus if these are editable
> by the user and the user puts a value in them, the repeater binding
> will not detect that these are new rows.


Damn! This is for sure the origin of my martyrdom. I am happy to discover
that at the end, this was not my fault. This is simply because it is not
implemented yet.

Often I prefer to try many times before write to the list. Maybe this is
not a good approach because I lose many time trying to do the imposible.

> However, it is of course possible to implement alternative
> repeater-binding strategies. One that's also available is
> wb:simple-repeater (see javadoc of the class
> SimpleRepeaterJXPathBindingBuilder). This binding works by first
> removing all items, and the adding all the items in the repeater.

OK. I will try this.

> If this approach is not acceptable for you, I think it is possible to
> adjust the "normal" repeater binding so that it detects new id's as new
> rows (instead of only null id's).

I think sometimes it is aceptable at all because there is no other approach:

The user iscreating a new document (master-detail at once) so Primary Keys
(PK) are not defined yet. So how I can give them a value. This is why they
are empty. Also will be empty in any case when you insert a new row for
the repeater.

I realize it is hard to separate the form from the DB while developing DB
applications, but I am trying....

So in the Woody example, I think woody would be able to manage this type
of forms too.

>> BTW, A question why we need to define the unique-path attribute as
>> "@res_id" AFAIK, a collection cannot have an attribute called res_id.
>> Please explain. :-D
> It is not an attribute of the collection, but of the individual objects
> in the collection.

Please explain where is this attribute stored. I don't defined it in my case.

> Hope this helps.

Of course and very much it helps! Many thanks. I am afraid I owe many
beers to you :-DDDD

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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