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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject [Woody-binding] wb:repeater unique-path
Date Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:51:47 GMT

I am trying to do a "" from an empty displayed form.I have
2 days with this sample and still not working. :-(

My problem is that inside the "repeater" there is only 1 value (res_id) of
datatype integer.

Binding just save the first 2 values and an empty repeater.

BTW, A question why we need to define the unique-path attribute as
"@res_id" AFAIK, a collection cannot have an attribute called res_id.
Please explain. :-D

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

Here is the binding:

<wb:context xmlns:wb="..." path="/">
  <wb:value id="rol_name" path="rol_name"/>
  <wb:value id="rol_enable" path="rol_enable"/>
  <wb:repeater id="resource" parent-path="."
    row-path="auth_permissionList" unique-row-id="res_id"
          <wb:value id="res_id" path="res_id"/>

          <wb:insert-bean classname="test.Auth_permission"

The Bean is:

public class Auth_role implements

   private Integer    rol_id;
   private String     rol_name;
   private Boolean    rol_enable;

   /* Getters and Setters


   private Collection auth_user_roleList = new ArrayList();

/* Getters and Setters */


   private Collection auth_permissionList = new ArrayList();

   public Collection getAuth_permissionList() { return auth_permissionList;}

   public void setAuth_permissionList(Collection c) {
this.auth_permissionList = c;}

   public void addAuth_permission( Auth_permission auth_permission )
      auth_permissionList.add( auth_permission );

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