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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject [Flow+Auth-fw+woody] cocoon.redirectTo() not working after successful authentication
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 13:37:32 GMT

I am 3 days on this problem. I posted on the user list but no one answer
my mail. :(

I am trying to use the authentication-fw without any action, just flow and
woody. I already turned on every posible log avaliable in logkit. I even
inserted some log lines inside the auth.js. The problem I have is:

After succesful authenticated user, the function success may redirect to
the welcome page. But it does not doing it. Interesting enough is that I
can see in the core.log the sucessful authentication:

DEBUG   (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:254   [core.authentication-manager]
http8080-Processor4/PipelineAuthenticator: END
isValidAuthenticationFragment valid=true
INFO    (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:255   [core.authentication-manager]
http8080-Processor4/PipelineAuthenticator: Authenticator: User
authenticated using handler 'authhandler'
DEBUG   (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:260   [core.authentication-manager]
http8080-Processor4/PipelineAuthenticator: end authenticator

And you see there is not a redirectTo() command. It is simply "losed"
somewhere. In the flow.log I cleare can see:

INFO    (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:307   [flow]
http8080-Processor4/FOM_Cocoon$FOM_Log: success: internal - undefined
INFO    (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:307   [flow]
http8080-Processor4/FOM_Cocoon$FOM_Log: success: redirect -

So the redirect must go to the /ait/bienvenidos page, but there is no
another redirection. Even in the sitemap.log I got:

INFO    (2003-11-25) 07:21.19:308   [sitemap]
http8080-Processor4/ForwardRedirector: Redirecting to '/ait/bienvenidos'

But then no other log.
The same happen if the authentication fail.

I guess there is a problem in the treeprocessor. How many times we can
redirect inside a processing request without having any problem? Please
note the authentication-fw trig in the middle of the flow his own internal

Can someone tell me if it can work at all? Someone already tried to do it?

Please help.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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