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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject RE: XSP "official" position
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 05:13:20 GMT
David Rogers dijo:
> Regarding the comment on needing English skills...I can help out there.
> I fancy my self a bit of a tech writer. I have "fixed" just a bit of
> snuff in the wiki but don't want to write anything there that is
> incorrect.

Nice. You can ask for help in the lists when you are not sure of
something. This is how I imrpoved this doc with new tags:

> I bet there are a few others that could help as well.

I think so.

> I am fairly knowledgeable in java/xml/xslt but fairly new to cocoon and
> oss.

Every help is always welcome! :-D

> I would gladly work with those more knowledgeable in cocoon
> to clean up/flesh out some of the existing docs and even create
> some new ones.
> (for example I'm kind of interested in the error handling right now
> ...hint
> hint).

What problem you have with it? I am currently very very busy and sometimes
does not read all the mails. Sorry for that. I have a really killer
endline. This is why I am working 10-30 hours every day. But check this:

> Also...
> I was thinking it would be nice to just move the "User Guide" on the
> main site to the wiki and basically combine it with the "Cocoon Guide".
> I find it a bit confusing having the two sources, and having to memorize
> which docs are where. Actually, I guess the whole "Documentation" Section
> on the main site could go to the wiki.

Thanks for your reply.

We are know and aware of the documentation problems and what we can do to
solve this PITA. Currently, there is an interesting idea from Stefano:

> If you have something written (in english!) I can proof read it for you
> and send it back with questions.

Thanks for the offer. I take you proposal. Currently, I have not any
written doc. But I will need to write a how-to for OJB soon. Currently, I
use wiki because it is easy.

> Alternitively, I can just start asking the list whatever questions I am
> having
> and make documentation for the wiki out of the replies.

This is a good idea. Another good source of info are the mailarchives.
There is really very nice ideas and descriptions. We know is very dificult
to harvest the good stuff from them.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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