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From "Antonio Gallardo" <>
Subject Re: [FYI] Longhorn presentation layer codenamed "Avalon"
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 20:05:52 GMT
Massimo Sonego dijo:
> That’s great ;-)
> Sorry to shock you guy’s but if you see this from the positive side than
> you may recognize that this could also be a great chance for Apache
> Avalon and Avalon releated projects.
> When MS starts to launch there marketing machine, there will be *the*
> chance to but also Apache Avalon on the spotlight.

Maybe it can help a little, but no much, because I think Apache is by
itself a recongnized and respected "brand" in the IT world. In some cases
even more than MS:

(this monthly survey say all).

> Even if MS-Avalon is not covering the same aspect of Apache Avalon a lot
> of people will find there way to Apache Avalon. Finnaly if there are
> Java related people they will take a closer look an found out that
> Apache Avalon is great.

Nope. Because they target diferent audencies. If I am looking for a car I
don't care is there is a boat with the same name. It just is a meaninless

> So rather to start complaining or worring about the technical and
> standard aspect (where I agree with your point of view), just polish the
> Avalon website and point the success of Apache Avalon out. I think that
> Avalon has a tremendous success track, if you count the success of
> Cocoon and other real live Mission Critical Project than you have to say
> wow - Is MS Avalon having already this success track? I would say no it
> is just marketing and some me too strategie bla bla.
> It’s a chance to a kind of relaunch of Apache Avalon there is just to
> ad/write some magazin article, book etc. and the success will be ours :-).

I agree, without worrying on any MS move.

Best Regards,

Antonio Gallardo

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