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From Sebastian Klamar <>
Subject Re: FragmentExtractor: component parameter vs. map:parameter for extract-{uri,element}
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 22:04:54 GMT
* Joerg Heinicke [2003-11-24 20:33 +0100] wrote:
> The change would be really easy as you can see if you have a look at 
> other transformers that are <map:parameter>izable - something I could 
> even do ;-) But I don't have that much time at the moment. 

I've done the changes locally.  I could post a bugzilla request to make
the change go into CVS.

> And you must let the caching be based on the two parameters.

Yes, that needs more investigation.  But my current experience for
the old (current) version is that caching doesn't work right!  If I
change the configuration inside <map:components/> no new document gets
processed.  Cocoon is delivering an old, cached version :-/

> To the others: Is there any reason this transformer is in the batik 
> block? AFAICS it has nothing to do with batik and is a really simple 
> transformer.

Nothing to do... Hmm, to my knowledge the couple of
FragmentExtractor{Transformer,Generator} was created due to needs of
creating SVG images that are described inside the page.  So it's a
little bit historical.  But I agree with you, the extractor function is
not limited to svg processing -- I use it to store a fragment or the
whole document for later processing.


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