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From Sebastian Klamar <>
Subject FragmentExtractor: component parameter vs. map:parameter for extract-{uri,element}
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 15:45:06 GMT

is there any special intension (configure component once, run many times
with less if's for performance issues?) to configure the extract-uri
and extract-element for the FragmentExtractorTransformer (batik
block) inside <map:components> instead of to to make them known via

I have a sitemap where I need the extractor with three different
extract-{uri,element} constellations.  With the current situation I'm
obliged to configure three different transformers (with same logger and
src, but different extract-{uri,element}) inside <map:components>.
That's very redundant and space wasting :-(  I'd like to configure both
parameters every time the transformer gets called inside a pipeline with
the help of nesting <map:parameter> elements.

TIA -- Sebastian

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