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From Timothy Larson <>
Subject Re: [Woody patch] Class, New, Struct, and Union widgets
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 05:27:03 GMT
--- Bruno Dumon <> wrote:
...slow operation on deeper nesting levels...
> Don't have any either (damn that optimizeit thing is expensive), but
> suddenly the thought crossed my mind that this might be caused by the
> calls to getFullyQualifiedId(), and adding some little caching code
> there solved it indeed.

Thanks.  I fixed one or two other methods like that, but missed that one.
> Another thing I noticed is that in Union.readFromRequest, you first let
> the active case do the readFromRequest, and then call
> super.readFromRequest, which will let all cases do the readFromRequest.
> I don't think this is needed, and it solves the multiple row creation
> problem in the repeaters. (same applies to validate() I gues)

Good, that should also solve the problem of nested repeaters losing their
state when the enclosing union switches cases.
> Anyway, I'm starting to think that the easiest way to collaborate on
> this is if we just commit the code into CVS. Anyone got a problem with
> that?

Sounds good, as long as nobody hesitates to change aspects of it as needed.

For example, I have been wondering about changing the Union widget from a
composite widget to a container widget.  The union could have an attribute
which specifies which widget would act as the discriminant, or it could
evaluate a general expression, which could reference other widgets, to
produce the discriminant value.  See my next email about subforms for the
reason for this possible change.

--Tim Larson

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