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From Edison Too <>
Subject Migrating to Avalon. Thoughts? [was: Re: Random comments and bugfixes]
Date Wed, 12 Nov 2003 08:59:21 GMT

I agree with Stefano's observation that there is a need for a good content repository. I've
looked into Slide's code before and I can't help but wonder if it is a good idea for Slide
to be implemented using Avalon.

The server core can be broken down into 3 blocks
1. Content repository (store?)
2. User management
3. Access Control management
These are very useful/essential component which are (AFAIK) strangely missing in the current
crop of Avalon Components/Services.

Advantage of migrating :
1. Reuse of Avalon components such as configuration/connections/pooling/logging etc.
2. Deployable as a standalone or servlet using Fortress or Phoenix.
3. If a Cache block comes along (from Cocoon maybe?) it can be reused in Slide to improve
4. Attract more developers from the land of Avalon or Cocoon.
I think it will open up a lot of possibilities. Think of it, with James, Slide, Cocoon, interesting
server apps can be built.

I know it's not easy to switch and most developers dread such a big change especially when
r2.0 is in view. This is just a thought I feel worth discussing, especially when Stefano says
he will investing his time into Slide.

I'm not an expert with Avalon, but I'm willing to invest some time if this the direction Slide
decide to pursue.


Edison Too

On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 16:02:00 +0100, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
>[copying dev@cocoon because many people are in search for a serious versioned
>content repository these days]
>Hello everyone,
>I find myself in the need for a serious WebDAV/DeltaV/DASL content repository
>and after having searched land and sea and having tried all possible
>combinations out there [pure mod_dav, catacomb and subversion], I decided to
>use invest my effort in Slide, also because of the familiarity with the java
>language compared to mod_dav which isn't really friendly for me]

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