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From "Michael Gerzabek" <>
Subject RE: CocoonForms roadmap
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2003 09:03:33 GMT
Cocoon Forms rock - but -

Most of  my customers need 

- the multipage-form: Moving applications from deprecated Cocoon 2.0 XMLForm

  to CocoonForms/ ControlFlow would be very easy then.

- datatypes repository: there is a strong need for a central datadictionary.
  of the time you won't invent things for your own but have to integrate
  backends. In such situations you mostly have carved your types into stone
  would just import them into your web environment (Cocoon).

- calculated fields (virtual fields): even the shopping chart has to deal
with the
  situation that depending on two values that go somewhere into an ordering
  system need in a displayed webpage a calculated field

- default values: yes of course, and you need to distinguish between global
  default values and user default values

- distinguish between edit and view mode: some design guides force you to
  make extra buttons to get into edit mode.

- authorization of edit: not all users are allowed to edit all fields or
even edit a
  a record. It mostly depends on the role of a user what is allowed and what

Ok, thats what comes to my mind now. Some things I couldn't find on the


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