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From Bertrand Delacretaz <>
Subject Re: Feature request votes (was Re: CocoonForms roadmap)
Date Mon, 01 Dec 2003 06:46:18 GMT
Le Dimanche, 30 nov 2003, à 15:18 Europe/Zurich, Reinhard Poetz a écrit 

> ...yep, I had the feeling too but as we don't have any rules for 
> feature
> requests and I don't have the know-how in Bugzilla how to separate
> between patches, bugs and feature requests...

There was a discussion a while ago, the best way to differentiate seems 
to be:

-[PATCH] in the summary for patches
-Severity=Enhancement for feature requests
-The rest are bugs

>  and I also don't have the
> time to find out all those things I used Wiki which was the easierst 
> way
> for *me*. When I wrote the mail to the list I asked for help moving the
> issues to Bugilla (any Bugzilla gurus out there???) but haven't got any
> reponse on my call.
> so, do we have the possibility to get useful reports from Bugzilla -
> useful means: to get e.g. only feature requests for CocoonForms?

"only feature requests" = "Severity==enhancement"

CocoonForms = need to to define a Component called CocoonForms for the 
"Cocoon 2" product in bugzilla.

Mere mortals don't seem to be allowed to do that though, there should 
be a standard way to contact bugzilla admins (Pier AFAIK, others?) to 
ask them to do it if this function ("edit products") cannot be made 
open to committers easily.

> ...or do we need some more advanced tool like JIRA?

What you're looking for can be done today in bugzilla, IMHO we should 
try to use it before switching. But to be efficient the "edit products" 
page should be made accessible to committers (at least some of them).

For a roadmap like I'd create a 
master "Cocoon Forms Roadmap" bugzilla entry which depends on other 
entries from the roadmap, to have an easy way to see them together as a 

I've created entry 25099 to test this, the dependencies list (currently 
only one dependent entry) can be seen at


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