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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: Build failure because of proxy-firewall
Date Wed, 26 Nov 2003 07:22:47 GMT
Geoff Howard wrote:
> Timothy Larson wrote:
> > I just downloaded a new snapshot, and now the build fails with this message:
> > 
> > file:C:/cocoon/2.1_20031125111946/cocoon-2.1/build/cocoon-2.1.4-dev/temp/blocks-build.xml:8441:
> > UnknownHostException.  Probable cause: The parser is trying to resolve a dtd from
the internet
> > and no connection exists. You can either connect to the internet during the build,
or patch
> > to ignore DTD declarations when your parser is in use.
> > 
> > My previous snapshot, 2.1_20031120112057, built fine despite the same authenticated
> > proxy-firewalled network.  A quick look through did not enlighten
> > Any clues how to get the builds working again without requiring a network connection?
> I wrote that overly verbose message for just such an occasion as this! 
>      The XConfToolTask (in tools/src/anttasks or used to be) was using a 
> parser-specific setting to force it to not resolve dtd references.  The 
> line is:
> builderFactory.setAttribute( 
> "",
>                  new Boolean(false));
> So, either the latest version of the XML libs committed recently by 
> Antonio (this would be Xerces, no? I can never remember which X is 
> which!) has changed this behavior, or something in the latest changes to 
> support property expansion have broken it.
> The first seems way more likely and may be documented at 
> in release notes.  Unfortunately, don't have time to look into it myself.

Why would XConfToolTask be trying to go onto the network anyway?
What DTD is it trying to get? Oh i see, it is trying to deal with
web.xml which points to a DTD at Sun.

There is an attempt to use XMLCatalog in XConfToolTask. Perhaps we
just need to add some configuration for a local copy. I vaguely
recall investigating this before, but i think that i got frightened
by Sun's conditions in the DTD license (the "not without written
authorisation" thing).


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