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From Yuri Schimke <>
Subject Serialization Exceptions (repost from user)
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 18:44:40 GMT

I asked a question to the user list.  However no-one was able to offer any assistance on that
We have spent a lot of time investigating options and haven't found any solutions yet.

We are having a lot of problems with caching and XSLT transformers.  We are using deli, so
our caches fill up quite quickly.  
We would like to use xsltc, since its a high load site, and the xsltc translet should be cacheable.

But the problem seems to be that neither xalan or xsltc seem to work with use-store.  I have
just noticed the todo page on the cocoon site, 
which says as much.  So I guess both of these should not be used with use-store.

We get varying serialization exceptions.  For xsltc its one of its internal Hashtable classes,
for xalan it was ExtensionNamespacesManager 
and after trying a patch we found on the web, its now coming from org.apache.xml.dtm.ref.DTMManagerDefault

When the error happens, cocoon often gets into a cpu spin, apparently trying to free memory.

Can someone please confirm that we shouldn't be using use-store = true on any of the xslt
Or is there something else we are doing wrong to give us these serialization exceptions.

If we set use-store = false, will the transformers get thrown away or pinned to the memory
cache?  If it gets pinned, then we can safely use 
xsltc for performance.

Thanks for any help you can provide.  I find a lot of conflicting information from different
sources, wiki, website, google searches, xalan big reports etc.

Yuri Schimke
Aqris Software
+372 53 415 579

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