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From David Crossley <>
Subject enhance the docs (Was: XSP "official" position)
Date Tue, 18 Nov 2003 05:09:28 GMT
David Rogers wrote:
> Regarding the comment on needing English skills...I can help out there.
> I fancy my self a bit of a tech writer. I have "fixed" just a bit of
> snuff in the wiki but don't want to write anything there that is incorrect.
> I bet there are a few others that could help as well.
> I am fairly knowledgeable in java/xml/xslt but fairly new to cocoon and oss.
> I would gladly work with those more knowledgeable in cocoon
> to clean up/flesh out some of the existing docs and even create
> some new ones.
> (for example I'm kind of interested in the error handling right now ...hint
> hint)

Just do it. If it is wrong, then someone else will "fix" your stuff.
By the way, all committers have a responsibility to watch the "diff"
emails that come from the Wiki to the docs@ mailing list.

> Also...
> I was thinking it would be nice to just move the "User Guide" on the
> main site to the wiki and basically combine it with the "Cocoon Guide".
> I find it a bit confusing having the two sources, and having to memorize
> which docs are where. Actually, I guess the whole "Documentation" Section
> on the main site could go to the wiki.

My impression is that the intent was the other way around. The Wiki
is a great breeding ground for content, but it is an unstructured mess
and there seems to be no way to prevent vandalism other than to try
to revert changes. When we started the Wiki, the idea was to bring
good content back to the main documentation from time-to-time, and to
link from Wiki to docs.

However, as always, things are open for discussion.

Now, not to discourage you, but there are plenty of discussions in
the dev mail archives about resurrection of the docs effort. There
are some great ideas there, but it seems not enough momentum yet.

> If you have something written (in english!) I can proof read it for you
> and send it back with questions.
> Alternitively, I can just start asking the list whatever questions I am
> having
> and make documentation for the wiki out of the replies.

Please do ask questions and follow-up with docs. However, you will
need to be careful to which list you send your questions. Whenever
typical user questions get asked on the dev@ list instead of the
users@ list, then they are often ignored.


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