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From David Crossley <>
Subject RE: whitespace cleanup and efficiency drive
Date Mon, 10 Nov 2003 10:54:03 GMT
Butler, Mark wrote:
> I use Jalopy, it's very good, I can recommend it, you get a GUI to set you
> layout preferences, if necessary you can automate it to run as an ANT task.
> So yes it would be a way of enforcing consistent use of whitespace
> everywhere,

Great news Mark, thanks. I see that they are currently
in the middle of one of those open-source-going-commercial
things. They also say the free-for-open-source bit.

> the only potential problems being 
> i) more jars to include
> ii) if you do run it an automated task, slower build time

If only we committers installed it locally then we could each
control the state of the cvs.

> iii) initially it might really aggravate the problem David describes :-(

I have been wondering about that. There are probably various
aspects to this. Perhaps tackle cvs in sections, warning people
as we go.

Another idea: do the whole cvs on a particular day, say on the
next FirstFriday. This would give developers plenty of warning
to clean their working copy of pending commits.


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