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From David Crossley <>
Subject Re: [Bug 23796] - [PATCH] docs pages containing <source> are sometimes too wide
Date Sun, 09 Nov 2003 03:34:24 GMT
> ------- Additional Comments From joerg.heinicke  2003-11-09 01:58 -------
> Sorry for being destructive, but I do not see a real problem. Or better said
> this problem resulting from trying to handle all types of using <source> is to
> complex and I would not do it.

I agree that we are trying to address too much (see below).

> I had no look on the code, only on the samples, where David shows the possible
> use cases - and these are really extreme samples :-)

They are deliberately extreme to ensure that the bugs get triggered.
Did i go overboard?

> It's almost not possible to handle both indenting and line length for every type
> of source. IMO we should simply replace the <pre>s with some simple <p>s
> replace the line breaks in the text nodes of the <pre>s with <br>s - this
way we
> do it in our intranet. The layout is up to the browsers.

The problem is that that is going to break a lot of existing websites,
because they probably rely on the current behaviour of <source>

> I'm also with Vadim at this point: We should not ignore code conventions in
> <source>s by using more than 80 characters. These fit in almost all browsers -
> and no one wants to read the Cocoon documentation with mobile phones ;-)

This is what we have said all along, and we should still encourage
that. However, sometimes it cannot be avoided. See the example in
"modules.html" where long Java class names come seriously close to
breaking it. Other times committers are just careless, it ruins
the docs, and turns users off.

Actually all that i really care about in this Bug is to break long
lines when they do happen to occur. I do not care so much about
the fancy formatting. Perhaps we are getting tangled up by mixing
these issues.


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