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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject RE: CocoonForms compared with JSF
Date Mon, 24 Nov 2003 10:18:12 GMT

From: Erik Bruchez

>  >>I just laughed. It will be a very hard job for any JSF 
> proponent to  >>convince multi-channel-intensive users to 
> follow that renderkits road.  >>I don't envy them at all ;-)  
> >  >  > They'll probably defend by saying you can write a 
> renderkit that  > produces XML and put an XSL behind that. 
> They won't mention the  > re-parsing needed in between 
> though. Or the fact that you'll have to do  > it all 
> yourself.  >  > OTOH, renderkits not only abstract the 
> rendering but also the decoding  > of request parameters, so 
> that's a point where they are more flexibile  > then Woody, 
> where it is all hardcoded in the widgets (and assumes  > 
> HTML-like behaviour).
> The article is almost one year old now, and I agree that the 
> approach I presented, which did consist in reparsing XML output 
> by JSP, is not ideal from a performance point of view (even though it

> This being said, for those who judge techologies without reading the
> (or who read them too fast), there is nothing in JavaServer Faces that
> you to use JSP or that limits you to outputting a character stream
from a 
> renderer. An implementation that claims compliance must support JSP in
> to provide a common denominator, but it can support other rendering
> You can certainly write a JSF "tag library" for an XML-based template
> that outputs SAX. I am hoping to demonstrate this soon.
> You will find good things in JSF if you take the time to read the spec
with an 
> open mind. Now if only the JCP got to actually deliver something like
a 1.0 version...


I added your comments at - you're 
always welcome to add our "outside" view. So maybe both worlds can learn
from each other!



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