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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject CocoonForms roadmap
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 09:18:52 GMT

Cocoon Forms seems to be the hottest topic in the Cocoon community - at
least I've got this impression following the Cocoon mail-lists.

Thanks to the great efforts of Bruno, Sylvain, Marc, Antonio, Jeremy and
some others we already have a great solution. But there are still a few
issues open until we can mark CocoonForms as stable.

I set up a document
in our Wiki which should help us to:

  * collect all open issues preventing us from a stable release
  * transform these open issues into a roadmap that shows our users 
    what they can expect and to get a feeling how long it will take 
    until they get a stable block (once again: stable means stable
  * get an overview who is working on which item

So if you are interested (committer or not!) in CocoonForms and you want
to help us go to the page and

  * add new items to the todo list
    (please check if the item is really new!)
  * vote for a certain feature (see the voting rules below)
  * but don't add items to the roadmap section because we decide 
    on them 'together' on
  * add your name to the who paragraph in one of the items (this is no 
    legal committment but it should show others that somebody else is 
    working on a certain feature - if you don't have time to do it
    please add a note or simply delete your name)

I hope this effort brings us closer to our first release!
If you think that this should be done with Bugzilla (as partly discussed
in Gent) I have no problem with it!

I only have two wishes if sombody does the transfer:
 - we need an overview (some kind of report)
 - it should be easy to differentiate between tasks, bugs and patches


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