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From "Reinhard Poetz" <>
Subject RE: Moving docs from Wiki
Date Tue, 25 Nov 2003 08:40:50 GMT

From: David Crossley
> Tony Collen wrote:
> > Bertrand Delacretaz wrote:
> > > Reinhard Poetz a écrit :
> > > 
> > >> ..It's time for Doco because moving content from Wiki to 
> CVS is a 
> > >> very, very, very, very boring job. (Aren't there any tools which 
> > >> could help?)...
> > > 
> > > If you're talking about format conversion, JSPWiki's HTML 
> shouldn't 
> > > be
> > > hard to convert to xdocs via XSLT. It uses skins so it is 
> also possible 
> > > to add more structure to the HTML to make this easier.
> > 
> > Or we get Chaperon to parse the Wiki files themselves. This seems 
> > simpler.
> There is this excellent project called Apache Forrest.
> See the demo of 'forrest seed site' at 
>> ml-forrest-template/
> and look for the Wiki Sample which 
> employs Chaperon.
> I am very sorry Reinhard, i should have recalled that ability 
> when you talked about moving the Features doc.

No problem, that was not the difficult part - I had more problems with
the publishing process itself:

  1) complete build of Cocoon including documentation
  2) use forrest to generate 'real' documentation
  3) then I used 'forrest run' and and XML editor to edit/create
     my docs (it took me very long until I found out *where* I
     can edit my docs)
     BTW: an XML editor is the *worst* thing to edit content at all ...
  4) then I had to copy the changed docs *manually* back into
     the Cocoon docs to check them in
  5) then I had to generate the 'site' and copy them *manually*
     into cocoon-site
     (... I forgot to copy some of the docs - thanks to Jörg who
          reminded me that a change in the menu structure has
          impact on many docs)
  6) then I checked in cocoon-2.1
  7) then I checked in cocoon-site
  8) then I updated our website using the CVS client on

As I had never done this before it took me a while to figure out how all
those things work together. Sorry, that's no fun. If the features docs
hadn't been so important for me because I think this was *the* big
missing thing in our docs I would have given up after an hour. As I
already said three times in my mails yesterday I'm really looking
forward to using Doco - this will give the Cocoon documentation a great
push forward!!!


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