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From "Timothy Bennett" <>
Subject Re: Jetty-Phoenix
Date Sat, 18 Oct 2003 18:07:25 GMT
"Leo Simons" <> wrote in message
> (moving this over to dev@, please direct all further comments there)
> Also, I'm wondering what Greg and other Jetty+Geronimo peeps have to say
> about it; I've heard rumours of Jetty moving to the asf (to perhaps be a
> geronimo subproject, or top-level), in that case it makes sense IMO to
> keep JettyPhoenix with Jetty.

Howard and I have also discussed keeping the with Jetty (or at least
co-hosted).  I believe Howard offered to speak with Greg about getting me
committer rights to JettyPhoenix on the Jetty CVS server.  In light of the
issues you've raised, then maybe keeping it at Jetty is the best solution.

I've got no problem going through incubation -- doing whatever is necessary
and required.  I've also got no problem keeping it with Jetty.  I'd just
like to see the component gain more visibility in the Avalon community, and
it have the opportunity to grow and mature.  However that is accomplished is
obviously left to others to decide.


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